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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
TERCERA+CONFERENCIA+DE+CC.pdf.jpg2010Tercera Conferencia de Creative Commons en América LatinaVercelli, Ariel
978-8492559-19-0.jpg.jpg2010Tercera Piel: Sociedad de la imagen y conquista del almaFernández Durán, Ramón
Teresa Claramunt.pdf.jpg2006Teresa Claramunt,: la virgen roja barcelonesa : biografía y escritosPradas Baena, María Amalia
978-1-931520-52-2.jpg.jpg2008The ant king and other storiesRosenbaum, Benjamin
978-1-931520-51-5.gif.jpg2008The Baum plan for financial independence and other storiesKessel, John
978-0-9816780-0-9.jpg.jpg2008-07The busy coder's guide to Android developmentMurphy, Mark L.
The corporate blog as an emerging genre of computer-mediated communication - features, constraints, discourse situation.jpg.jpg2010The corporate blog as an emerging genre of computer-mediated communication : features, constraints, discourse situationPuschmann, Cornelius
libro 6.pdf.jpg2011The Democracy of ObjectsBryant, Levi
978-0-231-14814-6.jpg.jpg2009The late age of print: everyday book culture from consumerism to controlStriphas, Theodore G.
leading.jpg.jpg2010The Leading Journal in the Field: Destabilizing Authority in the Social Sciences of ManagementJackson, Norman; Carter, Pippa; Butler, Nick; Armstrong, Peter (Ed.); Lightfoot, Geoff (Ed.)
978-1-84753-792-8.jpg.jpg2006The Media in the Network Society: Browsing, News, Filters and CitizenshipCardoso, Gustavo; Castells, Manuel (Pról.); Abranches, Ana; Urbano, Jorge
horizont.jpg.jpg2012The NMC Horizon Report: 2012 Higher Education EditionJohnson, L. (Larry); Adams, S. (Samantha); Cummins, M.; New Media Consortium; EDUCAUSE
978-0-300-13740-8.jpg.jpg2008The public domain: enclosing the commons of the mindBoyle, James
978-952-214-655-7.jpg.jpg2008The Pursuit of Efficient Copyright Licensing: How Some Rights Reserved Attempts to Solve the Problems of All Rights ReservedHietanen, Herkko
34325-pdf.pdf.jpg1980The Zen experienceHoover, Thomas
0-9764587-0-5.jpg.jpg2004Thinking FORTH: a language and philosophy for solving problemsBrodie, Leo
tiempos de fogon.jpg.jpg2010Tiempos de fogón: Caldos y otros recuerdos de mujeres de ItataMariángel, Paula; Moya, Rita; Tapia, Carlos
libro-tienes5segundos-final.pdf.jpg2009Tienes 5 segundosCamus, Juan Carlos
978-987-1497-30-0.jpg.jpg2010Todo lo que querés saber sobre cómo hacerse un aborto con pastillasLesbianas y Feministas por la Descriminalización del Aborto
tolerancia_criticaxweb.pdf.jpg2010Tolerancia crítica y ciudadanía activa: una introducción práctica al debate educativoBonomo, Hernán; Mamberti, Juan M.; Miller, Jackson B.