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dc.description331 p. , Il, Tablas, Grá
dc.descriptionLibro Electrónicoes
dc.description.abstractESIIG2 - The Second European Summit on Interoperability in the iGovernment, represents an unprecedented occasion to develop new synergies and create contacts with representatives of the European Commission, of the national and regional governments of Europe, of the research field, the Academia and experts of the ICT sector. Mrs Viviane Reding, Member of the European Commission for Information Society and Media gave her official patronage to the Second European Summit of Interoperability in the iGovernment, ESIIG2. Event with the patronage CISIS (Italian Interregional Centre of Information and Statistic Systems) The European Commission initiative i2010, through the DG Information and Media Society offered its support to
dc.description.tableofcontentsForewordXI ESIIG 3 What is ESIIG2? 3 Commissioner Reding message 4 ESIIG 2 Co - hosted events5 The Programme 6 ESIIG2 Supporters8 The Regional Ministry for consumer protection and administrative simplification13 The Technical and Scientific Committee15 Structure of the Technical and Scientific Committee15 What does the Committee do?15 Important and innovative initiatives of ESIIG 219 Publication of the Call for Papers Results23 T-Seniority: E-inclusion and Interoperability25 Alejandro Echeverria Security and Privacy Preserving Data in E-Government Integration31 Claudio Biancalana, Francesco Saverio Profiti Proposal for Interoperability Between Public Universities39 Correcher E, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Spain A Cross-Application Reference Model to Support Interoperability 53 Elena Baralis, Tania Cerquitelli, Silvana Raffa Table of Contents VII Applying Soa to Mobile Secure eGovernment Services The Sweb Approach65 Silke Cuno, Yuri Glickman, Petra Hoepner, Linda Strick An Identity Metasystem Approach to Improve Eid Interoperability and Assure Privacy Compliance 74 Andrea Valboni Towards Interoperable Infrastructures of Geospatial Data 86 Sergio Farruggia, Emanuele Roccatagliata Modernization and Administrative Simplification Master Plan for the Local Councils of the Region of Murcia 101 Leandro Marín Muñoz, Pedro Olivares Sánchez, Isabel Belmonte Martínez Organizational Interoperability and Organizing for Interoperability in eGovernment109 Ralf Cimander, Herbert Kubicek The National Interoperability Framework: a New Regulatory Tool to Guarantee Interoperability Among Spanish Public Administrations 123 Agustí Cerrillo The Realization of the Greek E-Gif 131 Andreas Papadakis, Kostas Rantos, Antonis Stasis Build Government Interoperability Through Open Standard Technology 141 Goodwin Ting, Anne Rasanen, Marco Pappalardo Towards an Intercultural Representation of Mediterranean Intangible Cultural Heritage (Ich) An Xml Interoperability Framework for Regional Ich Databases 154 Jesse Marsh, Francesco Passantino Castile and Leon, a Model of Interoperability 168 Isabel Alonso Sánchez, José Ignacio de Uribe Ladrón de Cegama, Antonio Francisco Pérez Fernández, Jorge Ordás Alonso The Catalan Interoperability Model182 Ignasi Albors Identity and Residence Verification Data System189 Nimia Rodríguez Escolar, Jose A Eusamio Mazagatos From Extended Enterprise to Extended Government: Regione Lazio Interoperability and Egovernment Point of View 199 Claudio Biancalana, Dante Chiroli, Claudio Pisu, Francesco Saverio Profiti, Fabio Raimondi Contribution by the Members of the Technical and Scientific Committee 215 Interoperability and Egovernment Through Adoption of Standards 215 Flavia Marzano A Brief Compendium on Interoperability in Egovernment 224 Michele M Missikoff Table of Contents VIII Spc – The Italian Interoperabilty Framework with Services241 Francesco Tortorelli, Roberto Baldoni Exploitation of Digital Contents for the Public Administration 254 Giulio De Petra, Fabrizio Gianneschi, Giaime Ginesu Deploying the full transformational power of egovernment – collaboration and interoperability –270 Sylvia Archmann, Just Castillo Iglesias ICAR Report: Interoperability and Cooperation between applications among Italian Regions (English summary)278 CISIS - Central Staff of ICAR Project List of the finalists of the iG20 Award 297 IG20 AWARDS: Eucaris, the European car and driving licence information system297 INNOVATIVNESS: Interopcyl299 TRANSFERABILITY: Semic, Semantic Interoperability Center Europe301 IMPACT: Employment/unemployment status management: actual interoperability through the CO eService303 PRACTICAL RESULTS: Emilia Romagna Labour Information System 305 The ESIIG2 Summit results: the creation of ERNI and the Interoperability Declaration of Rome 309 The Interoperability Declaration of Rome 311 Follow the new and interesting developments of Esiig2 313es
dc.publisherRegione Lazio: Roma, Italia: 2008es
dc.rightsThis work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 Licensees
dc.subjectGobierno en lineaes
dc.titleSecond European Summit on Interoperability in the iGovernmentes
dc.contributor.corpauthorRegional Ministry for Consumer Protection and Administrative Simplification of Regione Lazioes
dc.contributor.corpauthorDirectorate General for Consumer Protection and Administrative Simplification Regione Lazio Marco Nocciolies
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