Mystic Microsoft : a journey of transformation in the halls of high technology

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Brockschmidt, Kraig
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Portland, OR : Kraig Brockschmidt, 2007.
Where do you go if you want to grow spiritually? A church? A monastery? India? Tibet? What about the heart of high-tech corporate multinationalism? If you’ve ever thought that God only works through formal religious or spiritual channels, think again! Mystic Microsoft demonstrates that when there’s sincerity of heart and a willingness to offer oneself into whatever Life brings, God can (and will) find a way to guide one’s inner growth in any setting. In this fascinating story, one of Microsoft’s most visible technology experts during the company’s most expansive growth phase (1988-1996) relates how the very circumstances of his career were the vehicle through which he was inwardly transformed. With insight, wit, and colorful anecdotes about life in the world’s leading software company, Kraig Brockschmidt illustrates how one’s career, such as his experience writing the Windows Calculator and his bestselling book, Inside OLE 2, can be a tremendous opportunity for spiritual growth. As he writes, “In the course of my eight and a half years with [Microsoft] I learned and experienced exactly what you would expect from direct [spiritual] training in a monastery or ashram...” Mystic Microsoft thus offers hope to those who feel that their careers are at odds with their inner aspirations and those who seek to find a deeper meaning in their worldly responsibilities.
258 p. ; 23 cm.
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Mystic, Business, Spiritualism, Microsoft, Brockschmidt, Kraig, -- 1968-, Religion and science., Technology -- Religious aspects -- Christianity, Computers -- Religious aspects -- Christianity
Brockschmidt, K. (2007). Mystic Microsoft [Adobe Digital Editions version]