Prince of networks : Bruno Latour and metaphysics

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Prahran, Vic. :, 2009.
"Prince of Networks is the first treatment of Bruno Latour specifically as a philosopher. Part One covers four key works that display Latours underrated contributions to metaphysics: Irreductions, Science in Action, We Have Never Been Modern, and Pandoras Hope. Harman contends that Latour is one of the central figures of contemporary philosophy, with a highly original ontology centered in four key concepts: actants, irreduction, translation, and alliance. In Part Two, Harman summarizes Latours most important philosophical insights, including his status as the first secular occasionalist. Working from his own object-oriented perspective, Harman also criticizes the Latourian focus on the relational character of actors at the expense of their cryptic autonomous reality. This book forms a remarkable interface between Latours Actor-Network Theory and the Speculative Realism of Harman and his confederates."--Book cover.
viii, 247 p.
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Metafísica, Ontología, Teoría del actor red, Ontología orientada a objetos, Realismo especulativo, Actor network theory, Object oriented ontology, Ontology
Harman, G. (2009). Prince of networks: Bruno Latour and metaphysics. Prahran, Vic: