Greening IT : How greener it can form a solid base for a low-carbon society

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World : The Greening IT Initiative, 2010.
Information Technology is responsible for approximately 2% of the world's emission of greenhouse gases. The IT sector itself contributes to these greenhouse gas emissions, through its massive consumption of energy - and therefore continuously exacerbates the problem. At the same time, however, the IT industry can provide the technological solutions we need to optimise resource use, save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We call this Greening IT. This book looks into the great potential of greening society with IT - i.e. the potential of IT in transforming our societies into Low-Carbon societies. The book is the result of an internationally collaborative effort by a number of opinion leaders in the field of Greening IT. Tomado de
The Greening of IT is a symptom of a much larger challenge for humankind - transitioning from economic childhood into maturity. Despite the emergence of large regional alliances such as the EC, humankind remains incredibly fragmented; and yet the need for global climate and energy policies is pressing. IT offers tantalizing technical solutions to our emissions and growth dilemma: it can grow greener and help with the greening of other industries. This book explores this potential.
272 p.
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Information technology, Greenhouse gases, Gas emissions, Greening IT, Green IT, Sustainability, Carbon footprint, Environmental Sustainability
Sobotta, A; Sobotta, I. & Gotze, J. (2010). GREENING IT. How Greener IT Can Form a Solid Base For a Low-Carbon Society [Adobe Digital Editions version]