The Media in the Network Society: Browsing, News, Filters and Citizenship

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Cardoso, Gustavo
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Lisboa, Portugal : CIES – Centre for Research and Studies in Sociology, 2006.
In the Network Society the development of a new communicational model has been taking shape. A communicational model characterized by the fusion of interpersonal communication and mass communication, connecting audiences and broadcasters under a hypertextual matrix linking several media devices. The Networked Communication model is the informational societies communication model. A model that must be understood also in its needed literacies for building our media diets, media matrixes and on how it’s changing the way autonomy is managed and citizenship exercised in the Information Age. In this book Gustavo Cardoso develops an analysis that, focusing on the last decade, takes us from Europe to North America and from South America to Asia, combining under the framework of the Network Society a broad range of scientific perspectives from Media Studies to Political Science and Social Movements theory to Sociology of Communication.
560 p. : ill. ; 23 cm.
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Media, Network Society, Information Society, Cross Cultural Studies, Mass media -- Technological innovations, Internet, Société de l'information, Médias -- Aspect social
Cardoso, G. (2006). The Media in the Network Society: Browsing, News, Filters and Citizenship [Adobe Digital Editions version]